Online within 2 to 4 weeks

Domainregistration & hosting included

More than 15 years experience with webdesign

  • 1. Why have a swebber site for a building? Because your own website offers many more possibilities in terms of presentation than having your house/apartment on a realtor’s website between all the other houses. Also, with my own website I can use a targeted FaceBook campaign to advertise it even better.
  • 2. Why did you choose swebber? Swebber is flexible, for a reasonable price. I also didn’t want to spend hours and hours figuring it out on my own.
  • 3. How did you experience the process of having your website built? Very simple. You send in your photos and texts and you choose how you want your website to look. After 2 days the website was finished and above expectations.
  • 4. What was the best part about working with swebber? It being so easy. I knew I didn’t need to worry about anything, they handle everything.
  • 5. How was the personal contact? The contact and the care with which my website was built were very pleasant. What was also pleasant was that if they have better ideas, they present them.
  • 6. Would you recommend swebber? Absolutely! I already have.